What We Do

What is Platform Five?

Platform Five is a boutique real estate management company whose name echoes Easton’s past as a bustling hub for train travel.  At one time, five major railroad lines passed through the city, providing passenger and commercial service to virtually anywhere in the country.   

Our properties reflect the romance, energy, and convenience of that bygone era and are nestled in the heart of the city’s historic district. We honor Easton’s proud heritage by refurbishing landmark spaces that fuse character with modern convenience. 

Passenger trains no longer hurl through Easton on tracks of forged steel, but the city is still a destination, a crossroads of progress and possibility, adventure and relaxation, a home to those seeking an active and purposeful community. 

And now it’s our home too.

We Believe in Preserving our Buildings

When we buy from you, we make an investment

We work with real estate agents and downtown residential owners that want to sell their buildings. We care about our city’s history and heritage and the preservation of it. When we acquire new buildings, we renovate them with attention to detail and the character of the space to refresh its intended charm.