923 Northampton St.

NOW Community School

Spending a lot of time in Easton we have seen the challenges and opportunities in this community. During our tenure in Easton we found an inviting government that wanted to help us get up and running, we found great contractors and made lots of connections as we got our operation off the ground. Walking the streets of Easton, you can also see what the data confirms. A small town of 30k residents struggling with disproportionate numbers of low income, lack of housing, and opportunity to grow past this challenge. This is something that has occupied our minds from the beginning.

This is where the school idea comes in. There is a huge shortage of talent in the home technology industry, and when the NAPA building came on the market we thought it would be perfect for this mission. The building is now being gutted and will ultimately be divided into the Platform Five office in the front section and the school will take a large section in the back area. Our hope and intent is to create a program that is free to the community, where we teach all the great trades in the home technology industry. Think audio, video, lighting, shading, controls, surveillance, power management, IT, networking, and business classes. We have a lot of connections (Lutron, Crestron, CEDIA, Snap One, Ruckus Networks, Access Networks to name a few) and we will be reaching out to everyone we know for support on this project. The school will be divided into a large classroom and a lab, so you can learn and then implement what you learned in the room next door. All of this technology will be used and demonstrated at the Platform Five office – so you can see what the school is “about” through the storefronts.

We can’t wait to see this vision through to completion. If you are interested in being part of this project we would love to hear from you! Send an introductory message to info@platformfive.com.